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Big news…

March 21, 2011

We have a name for the garden…I’m super relieved and happy about it. It’s been weighing on me big time. The name needed to fit the purpose of the garden on many different levels. I really couldn’t even consider a kitchy cutesy sweetie pie name. It was one of those things that I knew was just right almost immediately. A couple of google searches later and a call to someone who has some experience with Latin and I was sure!

So, without further adieu –

Vis Solis Community Garden. (insert clapping and fanfare here) It’s latin for “the power of the sun” and after re-reading my post about naming the garden I think this name kind of covers it all. Most obviously its direct tie to the layout of the gardens. I also feel that it reflects a need to use what resources we have in abundance to provide for ourselves…and Oklahoma’s got plenty of sunshine!!  It’s biggest downfall is that there are no vowels in the acronym so it’s not ever going to be an easy to say shortened pretend word…sigh.

Now I can get on with making VSCG it’s own facebook page and our new website! I’ve got my son, Wil, working on a logo and hopefully before very long we can buy a banner and put up a sign.