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Happy Earth Day…a couple of days late…

April 25, 2011

It’s been a long time since I posted, and I’m sorry about that. This past month has been a bit trying with the garden but things are rolling now! I almost abandoned the whole thing…2 reasons. One, we hadn’t had significant moisture from the sky in 6 months. We have had conditions drier than the Dust Bowl days! And, two, I was getting NO response from my school community for this project. I take that back, I had lots and lots of people tell me how cool they thought it was. But nobody was stepping out of the shadows to plant a plot for their family, nor were folks flooding my inbox offering to come out and help me. I was getting a little despondent, and feeling completely overwhelmed, and had decided that if we didn’t get rain by the end of April I’d put this on hold until fall or such time that the weather helped me out just a bit.

And then it happened. I went out to work at the garden moving compost and raking out dirt clods when a whole family rode up on on their bikes to help me!! I was so suprized and grateful…so grateful. The Brophy family worked moving compost for 2 hours!! It was a productive day in the garden. Then I decided that even if nobody else ever helped me that I would still keep working.
This picture shows the progress and how the sunrays are starting to take shape.

Then one of the PreK teachers, Mrs. Stout, came and found me to tell me how much she loved the idea of this garden and asked what could she do. So we decided that her class (and the other PreK class too) could plant seeds for the cutting garden! The kids were excited by that idea. And so was one of the dads – he has now offered to supply some butterfly bushes and other perennials for that garden! I am so incredibly grateful.

Then other grades asked what they could do! I cannot tell you how wide my smile was. So the 1st Grade is going to plant about 500 sq feet of popcorn. I hope to have a great crop so that they can each take home some next fall and we have some to sell! The Kindergarten classes are going to plant about 500 sq ft of green beans. For this help in planting I am truly grateful.

My friend (and ex husband) offered to sponsor some plantings. He donated enough money to put in about 400 sq feet of tomatoes and a really good start to the herb garden and buy some much needed tools. I planted all of that yesterday and it looks like a real live garden out there now!I’m grateful for my ex-husband.

THEN, as is all of this is not enough, I got a phone call from a school family wanting to take a plot!! YES!!! So now I have 2 families who want to grow healthy food at Vis Solis. I have many reasons to happily keep going now.

And now it’s raining. Raining a good long soft drizzly rain. My cheeks are wet…with tears of joy for the rain! 

Earth Day was a great one for me this year.