Is it hot enough for ya?

July 15, 2011

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here…sorry for keeping you all waiting! Hahaha…all 17 of you. Anyhoo…

It made me giggle to open my own blog and saw the picture of the garden in the last post and see how much everthing has grown in just a few weeks!! I’m terribly sorry…I have no pictures for today. sigh…I promise to take some later when I go out to tend to grass! The tomatoes have grown so large and some of them are covered with tons of little green tomatoes. Some not so much. The heat is brutal and prevents the plants from setting fruit. The plants that responded early and set blossom before this intense heat set in are doing ok. Now if they would just ripen up already!! But we are looking at triple digit weather for at least the next couple of weeks! So far this summer we have 25 days over 100. Though it’s not a record – yet. The record is 50 days over 100 in 1980. Looks like we might break that considering we still have August to go…ugh.

The vining veggies are growing well. Pumkins, 3 different kinds of squash, cucumbers and 2 different kinds of melons are growing and growing. A friend sent me a link to a research paper that talks about heat being an environmental factor contributing to the proliferation of male flowers. Well, I have a TON of male blossoms on my vining plants. And hardly a fruit on any of them…in fact only 1 zucchini, a handful of cucumbers and 3 cantaloupes. Discouraging.

In good garden news…We had our very first harvest of a dozen or so veggies and a whole bunch of herbs. And with those Vis Solis raised $45 to be split by Meals on Wheels and Sr. BJ’s Pantry!! That is a very real reward for all our hard work this spring.

I spent some time this spring trying to come up with a way to keep the garden going…money is tight and time was of the essence. Applying for grants is part of the long term plan for equipment and support but quick funding was something that was going to be immediately helpful…so what could I do that is in my skill set and a quick return? That’s right, an Egg CSA! What? You didn’t even guess that??? 🙂

I got permissiong long ago to have chickens on the school grounds so it just seemed like a natural extension to get enough of them to make some money from their eggs! My friend Amanda whipped together a great information page about CSA’s and the way they work and we got an application together all during the last 2 weeks of school and it was a hit! Before the information went home from school in it’s final form we had a sponsor. Forest Lumber has agreed to provide all the supplies to build our great big coop and enclosed runs for the proposed 50 hens!!! Now that’s an incredibly generous offer and I admit it, I shed tears of joy. I also had about 5 families sign up right away. Enough to make it a viable option and fund the purchase of some of the chickens and feed. It will be a very regular input of money to the garden and GREAT teaching/learning experience for the students. Now I have a bunch of chickens in my backyard waiting on a coop though! Planning a Hen House raising for a month with triple digit temperatures is so not going to be fun.

I’m off to plan, write and water…always with the watering!!!